Monday, September 10, 2012


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childlike joy

Do you remember the days when you were a kid and the world felt like it was at your fingertips? Do you remember the lack of fear, the joy of trying something new, of being near your parents and knowing you were safe and happy? At the festival yesterday there were all kinds of children - spanning all different ages, genders, ethnicity & races and sizes. Some were playing on the bouncy castle, some were holding their parents' hands, some were enjoying the weather and all of them were enjoying the food! It was a photographer's dream, really, to be surrounded by all of this action. Families were out together, spending quality time with each other. The Lieutenant and I had a few short hours together so we decided to head to the festival for lunch. Both of us had a ball trying a variety of foods (my meatballs were to die for!) and watching folks around us eat, drink and be merry.






I love how not self-conscious the kiddos were. Some were shoveling food down their throats in ecstasy (and I can't say I blame them because the food we ate was ridiculously awesome), some were just hanging out contentedly with their parents and others were having a ball with toys and bubble-guns. It was so worth the hour we spend walking around. There's something to be said for spending time in the company of wee ones. They definitely lift the spirits and remind you of how amazing life can be. It's the simple things, you know?

And... now that I've gorged myself on a variety of tasty treats, today starts my healthy living. Let me tell you something: when I met my husband I weighed 101 pounds, I was in killer shape and I loved my body. Honestly. I never had much of a body image issue - probably because I had no reason to have such an issue. But then I met the Lieutenant, started eating erratically and poorly, stopped my intense exercise regimen and WHAM! Hello 15 extra pounds.

Not. Acceptable.

So starting today I am taking back control of my health. I'm still in shape - I've been running a lot this summer and even did a Spartan Race. But my eating habits are crap and I need to stop eating like I'm actively trying to fill my arteries up in record time. So today it's back to the drawing board. No gimmicks. No shakes. No DVDs. Just good old fashioned hard work. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

an actual taste of mystic

As I was telling you all yesterday, Mystic [Connecticut] is hosting an event called A Taste Of Mystic, where a bunch of the local restaurants get together and have a little festival of food. Yum. And believe me, there is so much "yum" to go around. One lady was handing out pie slices, another was grilling up some amazing Jamaican chicken [which was literally to die for], sushi restaurants were out in full force and the fruits were cut up to look like flowers. But my favorite - my ultimate favorite - has always been, and will always be... pizza.

Mystic has some great pizza places. The most notorious one is Mystic Pizza, which was made famous by the movie starring Julia Roberts. But my personal favorite pizza place in Mystic is Pizzetta. What a great little find. Just across the street from Mystic Pizza, Pizzetta has this amazing tomato sauce and their pizzas are reminiscent of the thin New York style we're all so fond of.

Pizza Signed


Chicken Signed

There's something about food that always brings a community together. Around this time every year, Mystic begins to die down. It's main attraction is it's summery environment and seaport that tourists flock to every summer. But September hits, kids go back to school and Mystic becomes a ghost town. We locals prefer the quieter season for a lot of reasons: less lines at the best restaurants, way less traffic [thank God] on the main drag which is only one lane [sigh], and less tourists, which - while good for economy - sucks for the rest of us. If you live in a touristy area, you know what I'm talking about.

Today The Lieutenant and I are off on a mini-adventure and then he'll head back into work. At least we'll capture a few blessed hours together! In other news: I'm working on a new sweater for the fall. When it's finished I'll post pics, but it may be awhile because I'm trying to get this one perfect! Hope you all enjoy a fabulous and restful Sunday.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

saturday fun

Every year, Mystic [Connecticut] puts on a festival called A Taste Of Mystic. Numerous vendors from all over the town set up a tent and give you a chance to sample the best things they have to offer. Most of the time, the food is the main character of such an event. But this year I think it was relief from the hot weather, a chance to wind down after the first week of school and an opportunity to socialize with other people from your community. Teenagers were out in droves, walking with friends, talking about school and riding their bikes. Senior citizens were out to try the food, take a walk and enjoy the breeze. And the little folks [children] and their parents spent quality time together. I have to admit, watching this father and his daughter made me yearn for a child of my own - but that'll happen in it's own sweet time. Hello, baby fever! But all in all, it was just a great day to take some wonderful action shots and breathe in the aroma of BBQ-ed chicken, sushi and ice cream.





Pie, anyone? Just so you all know how ridiculously gluttonous I am, I sat and watched this lady put whipped cream on about 8 pieces of pie. And in case you were wondering, the answer is yes, I did salivate the whole time. But I resisted the urge to dig into some amazing pie and continued my walk along the boardwalk.

Unfortunately, I had to do all of this alone because my husband's been at work since last week yesterday morning. Okay, it feels like last week. Between my work schedule and his, we've barely seen each other this week. The ship he works on went into dry dock for repairs, and needless to say that breeds more work than when they're just sitting in port. He tells me that next weekend is all ours and he'll make it up to me - so I'll keep my fingers crossed that another crisis is averted and we'll have the entire weekend together. I admit, as summer turns to fall, I ache to get out and do "fall things." Pick apples. Corn field mazes. Hay rides. Pumpkin picking. You know the activities I'm talking about.

And as if I haven't been sick enough in the past, my body has decided to reject my ear. Okay, it's not as simple as all that, but basically my right ear has been on the fritz for about 6 weeks. At first they said it was labrynthitis, an viral infection of your inner ear that messes with your nerve - so for a while there I was stone deaf, and now this infection has graced me with serious tinnitus [ringing in the ear]. It's so bad that I can barely hear what goes on around me sometimes. The ENT [ears, nose & throat doctor] also informed me that if it continues it will likely turn into Meniere's Disease. Oh joy.

Best to grin and bear it! There are worst things in the world - and today I had nothing but relaxation and cool breezes around me. Tomorrow is Sunday, and - God willing - my husband and I can spend some time together. Maybe I'll take him back to A Taste Of Mystic and we can eat a variety of foods for lunch! I wish you all a restful weekend.